Saturday, September 09, 2006

While looking at Coding Horror this evening, I ran across his latest article in which he outlines the requirements for Windows Vista RC1.

This is probably the first time to date that I have ever uttered this on my blog (and only one of about a half dozen times at all) – OMGWTFBBQ??!!

(The really weird this is that spell check does not object to that… it red flags “blog” but OMGWTFBBQ is, apparently, alright. That’s just funny.)

15 gigs of hard drive space??? MINIMUM??!!!

512 RAM just to boot it up with 1GB recommended?

Good grief.

I’d never be able to run it on the laptop that I use for day to day tasks (2.4Ghz processor, 512ram, 40GB HD split 30/10 between Windows and Linux). That’s just sad.

I have a fully functioning Linux environment (including network, coding, and office utilities) running in less than 8GB of hard drive space (part of the 10 is taken up with swap and profiles) and my Windows install with all of the tools that I use on a regular basis (compilers, office programs, email, etc etc etc. Even a few games) only takes up about 15GB total.

That’s windows, 3rd party programs, and everything (not including the portion of my CD collection that I keep ripped on my computer). For Vista, that would just cover Windows and then I’d have to add in everything else.

That’s just excessive. I mean, I realize that Windows Vista is going to be a little more resource intense – XP was designed for systems that were made six years ago, but still. That’s one heck of a jump.

From what I’ve been reading so far, Vista isn’t really even that much of a step up from XP. It’s mostly just eye candy and yet more applications that I probably won’t use. They started carving off the really interesting parts of the package as they slipped further and further behind.

I just can’t see myself using Vista unless it comes on a new computer that I buy and even then, I might just end up getting another license for XP because of the resource requirements.

I’ve been hearing similar things from a lot of people.

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Karyl said...

I've heard about that. If it gets to the point that XP gets too outdated for me to be able to use anything properly on it, I'll switch to Linux before Vista.... and I don't know the first thing about Linux.

Hell I'll go back to Macintosh before I switch to Vista... and I'm not even sure it can run some of the programs I've become accustomed to.

Even I don't have a freaking gig of RAM. And the fact that it actually requires 128MB video memory.... dude, that's the MINUMUM that SECOND LIFE can run on, and you've seen watching me what a resource hog that thing is. I know I'm not tech savvy, but why should an operating system alone require that much video RAM?

Somehow I can see this going the way of... what was it, windows ME? The one that maybe 3 people in the known universe actually use that they replaced within like a year?