Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As I was channel surfing, I happened upon Comedy Central while Distraction was on.

When I first saw the commercials for the show, I thought it looked like the dumbest thing that could ever be on television.

Boy was I wrong. I laughed until I cried. Literally cried. I’m laying there in bed watching people down hot sauce and getting smacked in the faces with pies before answering questions and bawling because I’m laughing so hard. Their reactions were priceless.

Favorite quotes? During the hot sauce round – “I'm gonna pee blood after this” and “Unlike your president, the hot sauce has an exit strategy.”

The best part though? The last round was held in his and hers bathroom stalls. The way the contestants buzzed in was to pee a bit. The one woman was so nervous that she just could *not* go.

Yes, I know it still sounds stupid, but dear gods it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on television in quite a while. It was so wrong that it was hilarious and so hilarious that it was just plain wrong.

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