Friday, January 11, 2008


The weird linkers continue.

First it was some German porn site last year with one or two referrals, then it was a site called dvd4arab (which continues to give me double digit referrals every month and has for like the last 9), and now it's another porn site...

It's only the 11th and I've already gotten 6 referrals from them.

I'm really starting to wonder just who is posting my site to these weird places lol

current mood: tired
current music: All-American Rejects - Move Along


Karyl said...

Who... and WHY. lol

And my brother says to the pic: "yeah.. those steaks are damn chewy"

James Hollingshead said...

Yeah, but, despite being a bit chewy, I hear that their food is positively orgasmic =]