Friday, June 13, 2008

Who Will Meet The Press Now?

Tim Russert, moderator of Meet The Press, passed away today of a heart attack.

He was quite possibly one of the last of the real political journalists in this country. He was fair and balanced, but wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions and keep asking until they got answered.

The frightening thing is that he did it politely and, despite being raked over the coals, almost nobody he talked to was upset at the end of the show.

From all accounts, he was even decent as a person (which I can believe).

In addition, he was yet another marker board addict =]

I can't help but think that this is probably not the time that he would have wanted to go if he could have chosen, considering the history making election that we're in the middle of. However, at least he got to celebrate his son's graduation.

To be honest, the election will not be the same without Tim, because he played such a large role in political reporting. His will be very large shoes to fill.

He will be missed.

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James Hollingshead said...

I would just like to add that the best way to honor the man, I think, is to be involved.

Ask the questions that need to be asked and don't take weasel words for an answer. If there is an issue you think is important, contact your representative. Finally, make an informed decision and VOTE.

I know we're all jaded on the process (especially given the last several years), but we have to remain both vigilant and involved.