Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day Off.

Just a notice that I will be taking a day and a half off during this coming week. It's not something that I get to do often, so I thought I'd take advantage of it. =]

On Thursday, October 23 and most of Friday, October 24 (probably until the evening), I will be unavailable by email, so don't worry if I don't respond right away.

Should you need to contact me and get a more immediate response, you can still reach me by phone (the number is on my website).

Here's to hoping that it goes well, and, of course, thank you for understanding =]


Anonymous said...

What?@!! This coming week?!?!

You filthy beast; you sonofabitch!

My BirthDay is a National-NAY-Global holiday: And you will OBSERVE IT, with the APPROPRIATE amount of DECORUM.

Much like you'd observe the decorum of the flipping of bits behind the scenes of a managed application...a week after the fact...

(Damn me for replying to mine own birthday post late; I'm a terrible bastard in that regard; stoopid me...[I blame it on my inner-retard, Clebbediagaigh: Me Read, Me Read, Me Post, Me Happy, Make Clap!])

James Hollingshead said...

*Just sort of stares at the comment*

Um, Tony, what kind of crack are you on, and are you at least going to share with the rest of the class? lol

I already wished you a happy birthday via email while your punk ass was, unbeknownst to me, having fun in Vegas. :P

And while I will cop to being a beast, I am not filthy. If you wanted to see me be a filthy beast, you should have seen me after a day in the forge when I was still doing that for fun :P

So, how was the conference? More importantly did you win while you were in Vegas, and how's the wife? =]

Karyl said...

"And while I will cop to being a beast, I am not filthy."

That's not what you said last night... *ducks and runs like hell*

James Hollingshead said...

First, Dan and Sharon tell you that I need a lot of looking after, and now I catch all manner of things from you and Tony. heh

With friends like you people, who the heck needs enemies? lol

I love my friends. They make me look sane and normal by comparison. :P