Thursday, December 20, 2012

Product Review – Mimo 720S

A couple of weeks ago, I won a Mimo 720S (7” USB touch screen monitor) at the CONDG holiday party.

I’d seen them before online and was never really tempted because it just didn’t seem that useful. I mean, after all, a 7” screen isn’t that large. It’s okay for a tablet, but as a 2nd or 3rd monitor?

I’ll admit that I was wrong.

The screen’s a resistive touch screen, but it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to make it work unlike a lot of other resistive screens. That’s not to say that it doesn’t occasionally lose track of the fact that you’re doing a “click and drag”, but nothing’s perfect.

The size of the screen is just about perfect to fit on the desk under my monitor in the space where I usually put a book if I’m using it for reference. Since I have electronic copies of most of my tech books as well as paper copies, the Mimo’s primary purpose for me is as a book display.

Setting the size of the book to 120% in acrobat allows most books to be readable and take up most of the screen and since the Mimo is on an integrated stand, I don’t have to look at a book that’s lying flat like I do with its paper counterpart.

I’m also wondering how it will do as a test screen for mobile app development. Since it rotates 90 degrees, you could emulate either a phone or a tablet.

Honestly, my only complaint is that the screen isn’t a little bit bigger. I think a 10” screen would be just about perfect.

Just be sure to update to the latest drivers and calibrate the touch screen with the Calibrate program before you use it. Otherwise, you’ll be wondering why the mouse moves on your main monitor when you touch the Mimo

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