Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ah, the things I get to look forward to this weekend.

LinuxFest this Saturday should see me having a nice day out of the house, learning interesting new things, meeting cool people in my field, and (if all goes well) possibly getting the interest of a company or two. I’d be cool with the first two things on that list, but getting the third one would just be really great.

Hire me. You know you want to =]

The second big thing that I’m looking forward to is the opening of Serenity. I’m a fan of the show (the network officials should be shot for canceling it) and I want to see this movie. The fact that I’m madly in lust with Summer Glau (the person who plays River Tam) doesn’t help.

I admit it. When it comes to her, I’m a fanboy. There’s just something about a beautiful, bendy woman with a sword. (what do you expect? I *am* a martial artist, after all). I promise I won’t drool too much.

Current mood: happy
Current music: Alan Jackson – It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere


Karyl said...

*snickers* Not drool too much? Yeah right. Drool all you want but I'm not gonna clean the puddle off the floor for you. :P

Oh, and you're not allowed to go to that movie without me if it can be helped. Because I want to see it too, and I doubt I'll find anybody else to drag around here who won't have already gone at midnight on the premeire when I'm still frantically writing some paper. lol

Am I the *only* non-spammer who comments in here?

James Hollingshead said...

The only reason you're not against my drooling is that you'll be drooling too. :P

But at least you know what I want for my birthday =]

And, at the moment, it seems you *are* the only non-spammer that I get commenting here.