Thursday, September 29, 2005

I admit it. I read Slashdot. It occasionally has interesting articles. Most of the time it’s fluff and rah-rah, but spending five minutes skimming the headlines for something interesting doesn’t really put me out anything. If the article is worth reading, I might even comment.

That said, I’ve gotten used to trolls on Slashdot. I usually look at them as being mildly amusing even if they are occasionally a little frustrating. Today gave me a troll that was rather novel.

I’ve never had someone troll me because of my resume before.

You read that right. Someone went to the trouble of going to my website (which is listed in my profile on /.), looking at my resume, and trolling me on a story that I had posted on.

This amuses me.

His comment was that my resume sucked (his word) and started giving me “reasons” why, so I decided to feed the troll (not something I normally do). I refuted all but one of his claims (the one was relatively accurate, but moot) and gave him an indication of how his comment was received by my friends in the field (a couple of whom were tech managers and actually helped me with the resume).

Hey, give me a break. It amused me, and I felt that it was serious enough to defend a bit. Besides, I’ve been in bed most of the day with a rather nasty cold-like thing so I haven’t really been in code mode.

He responds to my response, saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about because he makes more than me (not a claim I am prone to believe on that forum unless I actually know the person. Always take everything there with a half-ton of salt) and that the people I referred to didn’t know what they were talking about.

The most amusing point, however, was that “when he’s flying through resumes” (again, I take a considerable amount of salt with his claims of being a hiring manager) he almost never finishes reading them. This point was brought up because I have a tagline at the bottom of my resume pointing to my site for examples of things I have done in the past.

What’s amusing about this?

Some of the things he brought up weren’t on the resume section of my site. They were in a couple of completely different sections. All this during normal business hours provided he’s not in Europe or Asia. Quite a bit of effort for someone who never finishes reading resumes is it not?

Funny that. =]

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