Friday, September 02, 2005

And another thing:

I am SICK and TIRED of hearing people compare this to 9/11.

“Oh, it’s terrible. It’s just like 9/11”

This is NOTHING like 9/11.

9/11 was a few blocks in one city. This is hundreds of square miles. This is a disaster that will breed other disasters (disease carrying insects that breed in stagnant water, disease, starvation, dysentery, and all manner of other things).

By comparison, 9/11 was a walk in the park. I fully expect the real death toll to be in the neighborhood of 50,000 or more by the time it’s all over (counting the deaths from the hurricane as well as from the disease, starvation, violence in the city, etc). We’ll never see these numbers of course, because the government has this habit of not counting the people who are “missing” (this was a big problem in Viet Nam) or the people who don’t “officially” exist – such as the homeless in the city and the residents in the bayou who don’t pay taxes.

Get over your 9/11 obsession because a lot of us are sick and tired of hearing about it. There are other things in life that are a lot more important.

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