Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I guess it’s time for an update.

The interview Monday of last week was amusing. The HR and IT portions went pretty well. I actually liked some things about the company – one of them was that they actually seemed to value teamwork.

Then we get to the programming portion of the affair. Tell me something – who uses visual basic 6 as a dev tool and then does everything programmatically? The whole point of VB was to hash out things like database style apps without having to touch that much code. It’s a largely pointy clicky language.

If you want to do everything programmatically, there are much better tools for the job. Visual C++ and C# come to mind…

Oh well, there was a cool moment though. While I was waiting for the interviews, I saw someone I hadn’t laid eyes on in two years – Mo from fencing. That kind of made the whole trip worth it.

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Karyl said...

Oh the stories we could tell about Mo... I didn't witness any but I heard plenty. Then he got all respectable and stuff. lol He was fun.

James Hollingshead said...

Indeed. I do miss Mo. He was a generally decent person.

Standard disclaimer of my occasionally wanting to beat him applies as it does with pretty much everyone. =]

Mo of the badly dyed blue hair. Moheart. heh

They may take his life, but they'll never take his hairdo!