Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Walking through the great soul sucking mart today, I spotted a movie in the $5 bin that I’d been meaning to see and never got around to, so I picked it up.

Cabin Fever.

I admit it. I love cheesy horror movies (my movie collection is a favorite around the end of October). I laughed until I almost cried. I swear the best two parts were the Listerine scene and the hand biting kung fu kid.

Yes, folks, Listerine – for all those questionable hook ups with girls who have strange skin eating diseases. *giggle*

I spent half the movie with a WTF expression on my face and the other half almost falling out of bed from laughing so hard.

Oh man was that worth the $5.

Current mood: amused
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Karyl said...

Let me guess, you're going to bring it ovre next time you stop by? lol