Friday, November 03, 2006

I said that I’d probably post a long overdue update of the last month, so here it is:

The series of interviews with Amazon is over. Unfortunately, I’m not flying out there for an in person, but I did make it through what seemed like an endless string of phone based ones (three interviews of about an hour each over the course of a month).

The fact that I made it though that many rounds has to say something.

That’s the only really exciting thing that’s happened. Most of the month has just been a grind unless you count the costume party we had at a shop here in town that’s run by a couple of people that I know.

Apart from that, I’ve basically just been dealing with several of what tend to be rather personal days. The personal issues have been the main reason I haven’t been posting – I’ve been busy with a variety of things that don’t really need to be discussed with people who aren’t already in the loop.

October is rather full of things which almost require reflection and some time alone for me. I consider it a consequence of having actually lived my life, and one that I am more than willing to accept. On the whole, it’s worth it.

In more recent news, I’ve been contacted by another company in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll have to see how that goes.

Current mood: not bad
Current music: Ghost in the Shell – Living Inside the Shell

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