Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Much Needed Break

Every now and then, I find that I need to take a break from working on projects and actually get out of the house. I find that it helps me to stay motivated.

Today was a nice day. It was filled with thunderstorms and a decent amount of rain, so I decided to spend part of it in the park, wandering around and watching the world go by from one of the gazebos.

Yes, I like to run around in thunderstorms. I’m weird like that.

I’ve always been a big fan of thunderstorms. I know that some kids were frightened of them, but I always found them soothing. The world just feels cleaner after one, and I have to admit that it seems like something in them lightens my mood.

However, I have found that they’re more enjoyable when you can share them with someone. For a while, I got to share them with someone that loved them as much as I did. Sometimes I think she actually enjoyed them more.

I still enjoy them. It just feels weird to do it by myself.

Current mood: contemplative
Current music: Revis – Caught in the Rain

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