Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I must be crazy...

Among all of the other things that I'm doing (and all the things that I need to do) is now something that I have previously jokingly dismissed.

I've started writing a book.

It's not my top priority, and it's certainly not going to be a full time thing, but it is, apparently, going to be a thing.

Knowing me, most of the progress I make on it will occur at 3am since that seems to be when I get philosophical about things if I'm alone.

Why am I doing this?

It's been nagging at me.

I suppose part of it is the fact that, while talking to people about the general subject of life, I keep getting told that I should.

I have no idea if it will ever be finished or, should I finish it, if it will ever be published, but it seems to be something I need to do in order to get it out of my system if nothing else.

I can't promise that it will be "Chicken Soup for the Soul" material, but hopefully someone will enjoy it. All I can promise is that it will be influenced by my, sometimes nonstandard, experiences.

For all I know, I may only write six pages and then forget all about it. Only time will tell.

Current mood: drained in far too many ways...
Current music: Gary Numan - Angel Wars


Karyl said...

Hey, if nothing else, sometimes sitting down to write - really write instead of just blog - can help your brain organize itself and maybe shut up all the 57264306 other thoughts swirling around in there for a bit.

James Hollingshead said...

Sadly, only one thing really seems to shut up the other thoughts that scream, jabber, whisper, and nag at me all day.

I say sadly because, as we both know, I can't exactly train the way that I want to here and training with/against someone seems to be the only thing that quiets my mind lately.

I'm just way too restless at the moment (not that you didn't already know that considering how much fun I wasn't when you were down here last month).