Thursday, November 24, 2005

Issue one was released on Wednesday, November 23.

Since then we’ve been slashdotted, shown up on newsforge, and our press release has appeared on newswire, yahoo news, and who knows where else. Our servers have been hammered and I’ve seen our torrent have almost 200 seeders on it.

I’m halfway afraid to know what the download stats are now. Before the Macy’s parade, we had over 15,000 downloads of the magazine due to just newswire.

I think it can be said that we’re doing pretty well at the moment.

This feels so very surreal. It’s kind of like that feeling you used to have as a kid just when you were about to open your holiday presents.

It’s even stranger because my name is the one listed for contact on the press release. I’m just waiting to see how many phone calls I get for this…

Let’s hope things keep going this well =]

Current mood: numb…
Current music: Cruxshadows – Dragonfly

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