Saturday, November 19, 2005

Week in review

Just sent out what should be the final edits to issue 1 of the magazine. Unless hell freezes over, it should hit the net Monday. If hell freezes over, I’ll be unhappy.

Amusingly, I called John (the Editor in Chief) yesterday to clarify a few points that I had questions about. 15 minute phone call turned into 2 hours. Granted, it ended up covering some other important (and positive) things, but I was not geared for having a 2 hour conversation at the time (it was cold and I was outside while shopping)

The really funny part of the conversation was in the background. John has a little girl and his wife is off holiday shopping in Penn so he’s stuck babysitting until she gets back.

kid: I hurt my foot
John: What did you do?
kid: Stepped on a block…
John: Maybe you should stop walking on your blocks
kid: Oh yeah….

Kids are so cute =]

Apparently, this is normal for her. She’ll do something that hurts. One of them will suggest that, if it hurts, she shouldn’t do X again. She goes “oh yeah…” and doesn’t do it again heh

My two Ruby books came in today, so I can stop killing my eyes by reading them online. I like being able to pack my books around on the laptop, but paper is easier on my eyes, and I like being able to rapidly flip pages.

Current mood: good
Current music: Peter Gabriel – Burn you down

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