Monday, November 14, 2005

This aim snippet offers a look into the way my sick mind works.

Me: I’m a horrible man. It’s like Karyl looking at her package of imitation crab meat.
"It contains 'lobster extract'? I’m afraid to ask how you get 'lobster extract'..."
with a jack lalane power juicer?
"It also contains rice wine??"
Okay, so they sauce the lobster before they juice it...
Tom: heh
Me: and then I went into a bit of play acting on getting a lobster drunk and talking him into walking the plank into the juicer
Tom: lol
Me: I told you I was a sick bastard

But, according to a lot of the people who know me, I'm an entertaining one.

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Karyl said...

I can attest that every word in this post is true. :P