Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anyone want to get me a present?

My birthday's next month. Anyone out there in internet land want to get me a present? *grin*

There are a couple of blades that I have my eye on (hint hint) lol

Italian Bastard Sword
German Backsword (and it's on sale :P)

No, I don't really expect anyone out there to get one for me, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at them if they arrived on my doorstep (my address is on my site linked in the sidebar lol)

Current mood: amused
Current music: Joydrop - I Sometimes Wanna Die


Karyl said...

You'll get your present next time I can see you in person, someplace private. :P

I bought a couple things last night...

James Hollingshead said...

"I bought a couple things last night..."

Somehow this frightens me...

Karyl said...

Nothing scary, I swear. lol

I think you'll like it anyhow... we'll see.

James Hollingshead said...

Nothing scary huh? Sorry, I don't buy it.

This is coming from the girl who greeted me wearing a bright pink wig and coconut bra at practice after I'd been working frantically in the lab and the office all day.

Your definition of "nothing scary" tends to kill part of my sanity. :P

Karyl said...

No seriously! This isn't like the pink wig incident. LOL

And I wasn't wearing the coconut bra at the time. I just tossed it at you. :P